Kuala Lumpur has a tremendous amount of cars


Traffic congestion at Kuala Lumpur is not a news. Ask anyone staying there and most probably they will reply that the traffic is horrible.


The amount of licensed motorist in Kuala Lumpur is at 51,938 people, while the amount of vehicle with license is at 81,012 vehicles. Plus, the tremendous amount of car in the federal territory (34,635 cars) does not help with the traffic.


Meanwhile, the number of licensed vehicles in Selangor is at 54,094 vehicles. Selangor has a close proximity with Kuala Lumpur. Thus, the high amount of vehicle does contribute to the road congestion.


Another infamous location known for congestion is Penang. The state is so much smaller than Pahang, but the amount of licensed motorist is significantly higher, 12,921 people to 7,974 people. Plus, vehicles with license in Penang is almost twice the amount when compared with Pahang, 35,608 vehicles to 17,601 vehicles.


However, the ratio of licensed car and motorcycle in Penang differs from Kuala Lumpur. In Penang, the licensed bike is at 26,041, while the car is at 6,365.