Mas Ermieyati was most mentioned with @LatheefaKoya and @SPRMMalaysia on Twitter

Former Puteri UMNO chief Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin made headlines in December 2018 for jumping to Bersatu.


It was an unexpected move by her back then as she was one of the top leaders in UMNO. Plus, she was also one of the politicians to be brought into Najib’s second cabinet as Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture.


Although Barisan Nasional was defeated in GE-14, Mas Ermieyati managed to defend her Masjid Tanah parliamentary seat.



On Twitter, Mas Ermieyati was not that active as she usually made less than 10 tweets a month.


Interestingly, she received a tremendous number of feedbacks in April, about 2,000 retweets and mentions.



According to media intelligence, the Masjid Tanah MP gained high traction on Twitter for her comment on popular K-pop group, BTS.


She urged Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq to restudy the idea of inviting BTS to perform in Malaysia.


Most of the retweets and mentions she received in April were not in her favour, she was criticised for not raising the same issue when Western musicians were brought into the country.



For the past one-month, Mas Ermieyati received less than 50 retweets and mentions. She was heavily mentioned with @LatheefaKoya and @SPRMMalaysia.


This is because a rumour was circulating stating that the former Puteri UMNO chief was removed from the list of 80 individuals and entities who received money from 1MDB, as she has become a member of Bersatu.


However, MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya denied the allegation, and affirmed that Mas Ermieyati is still on the list.


She also announced that MACC will serve compound notices to the 80 individuals and entities involved.