Mat Sabu is not as popular as before


Mat Sabu popularity is on the decline in the media. As we can see from the graph, his popularity in December is much lower compared to the general election season.


After GE-14, Mat Sabu became popular. A video showcasing the friendship between him and Lim Guan Eng went viral. Plus, the photo of him driving Perodua Viva earned praises for being a humble politician.



However, his started to decline on the following month. His statement on Malaysia military power also need not do much help in transforming his image from a comedic politician to a serious politician to fit his portfolio, Minister of Defence. He revealed that only four out of 28 Russian fighter jets owned by the Royal Malaysian Air Force are functioning. Later, he also said that Malaysia military strength is the weakest in South East Asia.



In December, Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong has taken the lead as the influencer of the Defence Ministry (MINDEF).



Will Mat Sabu able to make a comeback with a stern image in 2019?