UEC Recognition: An opportunity for MCA or Gerakan to make their comeback?

 Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, UEC, DAP, MCA, Gerakan
The issue of UEC recognition peaked in July but was quickly dismissed in August after Education Minister Maszlee Malik announced that the examination certificate will be recognised within 5 years.
Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, UEC, DAP, MCA, Gerakan
Today, the UEC recognition promise made by Pakatan Harapan has come back to bite the coalition. MCA deputy president Mah Hang Soon said that Pakatan Harapan has failed the people for unable to keep their promise. To be exact, he was retaliating to DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang’s remark, saying that DAP will quit Pakatan Harapan if the coalition went adrift from its initial struggle, which is to fight for New Malaysia.
Meanwhile, Gerakan deputy president Oh Tong Keong also attacked Pakatan Harapan for its U-turn policy, naming the UEC recognition as an example among PTPTN loan repayment issues, toll abolishment and draconian law abolishment.
Suara’s Kua Kia Soong also condemned Pakatan Harapan for being as oppressive as Barisan Nasional, for not abolishing the draconian laws. Again, UEC recognition issue was raised as example of the coalition inability of holding its promise.
Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, UEC, DAP, MCA, Gerakan
Besides, Education Minister Maszlee and his deputy Teo Nie Ching have also become silent on the UEC issue. Based on the trend, the Education Ministry is less likely to bring up on the UEC issue anytime soon. Putting a 5-year timeframe on UEC recognition bought them time, but not from attacks for not holding on to their promise.
Nevertheless, the 5-year timeframe will be use for the study, hence the UEC recognition is not a definite green light. Therefore, MCA or Gerakan will have the opportunity to use UEC issue to swing the Chinese voters for PRU-15.