Mazslee’s media exposure: Less active, more cautious

Education Minister Maszlee Malik has been one of the most active ministers in the media after GE-14.
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From September to November, Maszlee found himself in a bad position, facing backlash for his statements to the media regarding various issues from black shoes and black socks implementation to his appointment as IIUM president to usage of hotel pools for swimming lessons.
However, according to the data, Education Minister’s media exposure experiences a decline since November 2018. In 2019, Maszlee declining trend is recorded at 367 news (January), 304 news (February) and 103 news (as of March 7).
Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Maszlee Malik, education,
Nevertheless, the Education Minister has been tackling on more serious matter regarding to the nation education system as opposed to the black shoes/sock implementation. For example, the issue of over-regulation of private institution, outdoor school activities, declining MUET abolishment and restoring dilapidated schools in Sarawak.
Previously, Maszlee often received backlash for his statements. Yet, he seems to be putting all those unfavourable incidents behind. Overall, he has become more cautious when selecting issues to tackle and also his statements in addressing them.