Khairy agree with UMNO-PAS coalition?

After GE-14, Khairy Jamaluddin tweeted that Najib Razak and his 1MDB scandal is the main cause of Barisan Nasional defeat. But month before that, during the campaigning period, he was friendly with the former Prime Minister, coming out with a campaign video filmed at a mamak eateries.
Nevertheless, he did not verbally assault Najib for nothing as he was one of the three candidates that are contesting for the presidential position in UMNO.
In the meantime, UMNO and PAS also becomes closer to one another. The relationship between both party’s leader Abdul Hadi Awang and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi grow stronger, both attending each other events.
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Subsequently, Khairy oppose the alliance between UMNO and PAS because both ideological differences are too wide. At that time, Khairy just lose the UMNO presidency to Zahid. Thus, it is not surprising for him to oppose the alliance.
Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO, PAS
However, Khairy has toned down after PAS said that they will sit out for Rantau by-election, supporting UMNO instead. Then, Zahid propose to formalise UMNO and PAS collaboration. This time, Khairy still oppose the idea of a coalition with PAS, citing ideological difference again, but will collaborate on certain issues like opposing the ICERD ratification.
Today, UMNO and PAS have formalised their alliance. Khairy has yet to comment anything on the UMNO-PAS coalition. But he has been inclined towards PAS support during Semenyih by-election.
Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO, PAS
According to the media exposure, Khairy also has become less active recently. Instead, his successor for UMNO Youth chief, Asyraf Wajdi has overtake him in the media. Without any position in UMNO, Khairy influence in the party seems to be decreasing.
Besides, UMNO-PAS collaboration has produced two by-election victories. So, it will be difficult for Khairy to oppose the status quo. What will be his next move to make himself prominent again in UMNO?