MOE is gaining media attention due to its low vaccination rate, data illustrates

The data shows that the news exposure of MOE in media increased after the Director of KPPA, Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman says that civil servants in MOE have the lowest vaccination rate among the ministries.



The announcement came after schools in Phase 4 states are allowed to reopen for physical learning.


Apart from that, the “unvaccinated civil servants” has also appeared prominent in the media focus as it has become one of the key issues regarding MOE.



The influencers’ list has also shown that the Education Minister, Radzi Jidin did not manage to control the narration for his ministry as it is dominated by Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman.



While the issue has been concerning for the public especially the parents, the Opposition’s narration was mostly on the ad-hoc tasks given to the teachers.



Nonetheless, as the nation’s focus has been shifted towards the major political event, it is possible for the unvaccinated civil servants issue to shine away from the media focus.