Overshadowed by National Recovery Plan

The ICU narration has shifted towards the National Recovery Plan after it was unveiled on June 15, overshadowing Health director-general, Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah’s statements on the number of Covid-19 patient admissions.


Even within the ICU topic, the media is highly focusing on the National Recovery Plan, thus, overshadowing the statements made by the DG about Covid-19 patient admissions.


Dr. Noor Hisham stated that the number of daily active cases may have been reduced but the admission of patients to the ICU still has not decrease.


The National Recovery Plan overshadowed the statement because of the focus on bed utilization in ICU wards on every phase of the plan.



The change in narration also made the news exposure for the topic to increase as well on June 16, having the most news in June.



Looking at the influencers list as well, the director-general led the narration before the announcement of the recovery plan during June 11 to 13.


Soon after the plan was unveiled, Muhyiddin Yassin led the narration of the topic with 668 statements made.



This has led to the positive news title sentiment to rise on the day the plan was announced and continued to surge the following day, changing the sentiments to become mostly positive.