Reopening of the Economic Sectors Steals the Spotlight

The postponement of school reopening has been overshadowed by another key announcement, the reopening of the 11 economic sectors.


Looking at the top issue of National Recovery Plan, it is reflected in the data as the media have focused on the issues relating to the economic sectors.


The long-awaited announcement by the Education Minister, Mohd Radzi Md Jidin, however, clashes with Muhyiddin Yassin’s announcement about the economic sectors which dominated the top issues cluster.



Looking at the trending phrases as well, there are no mention of about the postponement of schools as the media have their gaze fixed on the economic sectors issue.


‘Kedai pakaian’ is among the trending words within the word cloud which indicates that the media have been using the word often.



The news exposure for the Economy topic and Minister of Education (MOE) topic also strengthens the fact that MOE’s announcement is dimmed down by the reopening of economic sectors.



Nonetheless, despite the backlash, it is undeniable that both announcements have been sending a huge sense of relief for the people, especially with the postponement of schools reopening.