Negative Sentiment towards Parliament Sessions

The highly anticipated special parliamentary sections that happened in 26th July was tainted with negative sentiment.


Reflecting in the news title sentiment of the topic Parliament, the negative sentiment has been looming the topic on the first day of the sitting.


It is also visible that the negative sentiment has experienced two sudden increased recorded on the 26th and 29th respectively.



It is also visible that the revocation of the Emergency Ordinance has become the focal point of the sitting by the media especially when it has filled the trending keyword cluster.



However, despite the Emergency Ordinance remained in focus of the media, it is also visible that the media narration has shifted towards the royal decree which was made on the 29th of July as it is visible in the cluster below.



Although the news exposure for the topic has increased significantly ever since the sitting has started, it is also visible that the highest traction recorded was on the 30th of July as the Opposition has claimed that Muhyiddin’s government has fallen.



The parliament is currently suspended due to positive cases of Covid-19 within the Parliament building.