Sirius TV to launch in June

In June this year, Smart Digital International will launch its new satellite TV service called Sirius TV which offers 30 channels with 60 new on-demand video programs that will be delivered on a daily basis.


The trial for the service is scheduled to start mid-May.


For two decades since 1997, Astro was given exclusive rights to provide pay TV services via satellite. The exclusivity expired on February 28, 2017, to give space for four other companies to get their Content Applications Service Provider (CASP) licenses.


The four companies are Ansa Broadcast (ANSA), Jaringan Mega (Jaringan Mega), High End Net, and Smart Digital International (Smart Digital).


However, so far, only Smart Digital has come up with a clear plan to launch its TV service.


With other paid streaming services on the rise, such as Viu, Iflix, Unifi TV and Netflix, not to forgetAstro with its great control over sports broadcast, will Sirius TV able to compete with them and survive in the industry?