Split Perspective on GE15 within UMNO

UMNO’s stance on calling for a snap general election despite the pandemic might cause a splinter in the party as Khairy Jamaluddin and Hishammuddin Hussein puts a strong footing against it.



The influencer list for the GE15 topic on 5th to 8th January shows that Khairy Jamaluddin is leading, proving that he has a better control of the narration during this period.


Apart from him, Hishammuddin Hussein who is also against his President’s intention to push for a general election also appeared in the list.


On top of that, Annuar Musa who was recently replaced by Ahmad Maslan as BN and MN’s secretary-general also appeared on the list as he ridiculed UMNO’s decision to have a snap poll.


Previously, Ahmad Maslan and Zahid Hamidi stated that GE15 should not be hold off since more than 30 countries have conducted elections with strict SOPs and Covid-19 vaccines will roll out soon.



However, the trio who also have a minister post in the current government have conflicting statements on GE15 as Covid-19 cases are rising, floods in Malaysia are worsening and the economy is still recovering.


Nonetheless, the contrasting perspective within UMNO to push for GE15 as soon as possible will put the party at a negative light before the actual elections.



On a side note, the negative news sentiments on the GE15 topic soared higher on the 6th January after Ahmad Maslan’s statement on the previous day that general elections should held soon.