Support for Bella’s Justice


Bella’s case is still being widely debated among Malaysians, as many have questioned the abuser’s logical grounds based on statements made by witnesses throughout the ongoing trial.


Siti Bainun, the owner of the house in which Bella was found in a filthy way, has been accused of being the one that abused Bella.


However, the results of the police investigation remain unknown even after almost a month of being in trial and charged under section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001.


Although the result of this case is still unclear, it had unlikely received an exorbitant amount of attention from the public to stand by the victim and seek justice for her.



@amrlxnaimi is among the accounts in charge of the network, where he has shown his support for Bella by stating his position in standing with her and used the hashtag #JusticeForBella.


On top of that, other accounts like @abilsuhaimi, @Danish_Harraz and @OfficialJohor have also expressed their support for Bella in their tweets, portraying how much they are against the abuse of children.


It is seen that many of Twitter users are on Bella’s side as much as they are hoping for the truth to be unveiled.



Despite the fact that most people are fighting for justice in this case, it is clear that this case also has been brought into political level and criticism.


@AkhiFairuz has shown a remark of politicizing the case by satirely saying Rina Harun is good for suddenly having plans of action for Bella’s case after being mentioned by TMJ, though the case has been a hit since 2021.


On the other hand, @MohdMokhzani shared a video of Bella’s progress in the welfare institution to convey a sense of relief.



Though Bella is showing signs of getting better, it is still yet to be proven that she will win the case anytime soon.