Tech Stocks Increase Following Semiconductor Shortage

The stock market during March 1 closed with technology stocks increasing significantly following the global shortage of semiconductors.


Malaysia Pacific Industries Bhd acquired the most during the semiconductor shortage gaining RM4.10 after the market closed.


Following that is D&O Green Technologies Bhd gaining RM0.48 after breaching the RM4.00 for the first time during the last trading session.


The increase in tech stocks is largely due to the global shortage of semiconductors after the automotive industry recovered and started to receive increasing demands.


MPI also has announced their 2QFY2021 on February 25 which also increased their share prices after showing an increase of 49% net profit due to better growth revenue.



The share price of MPI has been steadily increasing during the pandemic breaching RM30 mid-January and later passing RM40-mark after a month of hovering around RM35-RM39.



The company that received the most losses during the past 5 years is MSM Malaysia Holdings Bhd with Tenaga Nasional Bhd being the most profitable.