The Increase in Demand of Certain Job Listings

The construction industry is among the most industry with most job listed despite the falling of Bursa Malaysia Construction Index.



Bursa data shows that the KL construction index have been hovering around the 160.0 level, down from its high of 325.0 in April 2018.


From the job listing from a well-received job portal in the country, most of the construction jobs are available in Kuala Lumpur.




Combined, the job listings within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor taking up a combined 99.1% of the job listings within the platform.


Compared to other sectors in the service industry, construction remained the one with highest vacancy. Follow by IT services and manufacturing in tools.



6 out of the top 10 industries within the job listing platform mostly hail from the service sector. It portrays the imbalance of job listings within the job listing platform. This factor could cause job competition within the other industries to increase.