Zahid Hamidi Dominating UMNO Narration

The president of UMNO Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dominated the narration of the parties throughout the whole Johor state election.




The data indicate that, throughout the campaign period of PRN Johor, the UMNO president has been consistently controlling the narration of the parties. The narration of the parties was so long that opposition did not get a hold on the narration.



For the one-month period, only Lim Guan Eng is visible as a minor influencer to UMNO. In a weekly period, Lim Guan Eng and Anthony Loke (both from DAP), successfully taken over as the 2nd and 3rd biggest influencer of UMNO.




In view of news exposure of Zahid Hamidi, it is seen that Zahid Hamdi’s appearance and exposure on the news started moderately at the early phase of state election, which is from 28 February to 16 March.



However, starting 16 March onwards which is right after the state election, the number of news exposure and statements of Zahid Hamid has shown a significant increase at 300 news in total, before it started to slow down on 24 March onwards.





With regards to the share of voice from the influencers to the media, Zahid Hamidi has more exposure and consistency, sustaining at 20% level for the 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 30 days period.



Although Khairy Jamaludin may have started with more exposure at the beginning, his share of voice did not show an outstanding consistency as compared to Zahid.