To Lift or Not To Lift: Spotlights on Chicken Export Ban


The country’s chicken supply once again becomes the topic of discussion as it was reported that the nation is currently facing surplus of chicken stocks.



Due to that, the decision on whether to lift the chicken export ban or not, which has begun since 23rd May 2022, has become among the media’s attention.



This could be seen from the analysis related with the chicken supply topic, as the words related with the discussion on chicken export ban appeared in the media focus based on the stated period.





As there are some concerns whether the export ban would be lifted or not, the Chairman of The Special Task Force on Jihad Against Inflation, Annuar Musa came forward and clarified that the decision on lifting the chicken export ban would only be made once it is sure that the domestic supply is not affected and stable.



Moreover, Annuar Musa also said that the decision in lifting the export ban would also be based on the data provided by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) as well as Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).





Based on the top influencers related with the chicken supply topic, the ruling coalition remains to dominate as well as lead the narration related with the topic for both timelines.



Moreover, the number of Oppositions appeared on the topic have decreased in the recent timeline, implying that the Oppositions have less likely used the topic as a political tool to attack the government’s credibility.