Trouble in Julau


In Twitter, the keyword “Julau” started to trend on November 7 after Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin questioned Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah’s Julau visit. Zuraida said that the timing of Wan visit is inappropriate as the PKR leadership election is still ongoing.


Days before, on November 3, Julau caught the media attention after MACC revealed that there are more than a thousand dubious PKR members in Julau division. However, the keyword “Julau” have yet to become popular on the social media.


The keyword “Julau” peaked on November 10 after it was reported that the tablets used for the party polling was tampered with the software ‘Prey’.



The network above was formed by retweet, mention, reply, quoted and hashtag activity related to Julau. As we can see, the network was divided into three clusters, blue group, orange group and green group.


The blue group is the biggest in the network. Accounts in this group mostly talked about PKR e-voting system cyber-attack at Julau division. Topics related to the issue involves the suspension of PKR election at Julau after Rafizi claimed that some of tablets used for the polling were compromised and PKR central election committee (JPP) revelation that there will be no re-election at Julau branch.


Most active accounts in this group are news portal @msianinsight and @malaysiakini, plus journalist @amirulruslan. For regular account, @PisauKarat is active in discussing on the topic.


For the orange group, they discussed on the phantom voter issue in Julau. It was reported that 84% of PKR members in Julau branch shared the same address. A total of 11 addresses were used for 11,399 members in Julau. Influencers in this group are @DrNovandri and @HermyRahim.


On the other hand, the green group discuss on MACC investigation in Julau and Azmin Ali’s opinion, stating that the lack of transparency in Julau party election is akin to ignoring the voices of PKR grassroot members.