A total of 16 Agropolitan projects initiated across Malaysia


Agriculture is one of the sectors that forms the basis of the Malaysian economy. With proper planning, agriculture projects could go as far as eliminating poverty. Thus, to ensure the sector continues to benefit this nation, Malaysia has come up with various impactful programs, and Agropolitan is one of them.


As of 2016-2018, there are a total of 16 Agropolitan projects initiated across Malaysia. These projects aim to boost socio-economic level of the rural communities while moving towards increasing employability, with the hope to reduce the poverty gap. Based on the statistics, the states with initiated Agropolitan projects are – Sarawak (6), Sabah (4), Kedah (2), Pahang (2), Perak (1) and Terengganu (1).


For example, although today Sarawak shows improvement in the number of hardcore poor households, poverty still prevails in the state. Thus, it is important for the Government to ensure that this project amongst other poverty-driven initiatives fulfil the desired objective without straying elsewhere.