Abundance, Affordable and Strategic Staycation

With staycation culture has become the ‘new normal’ for the tourism sector, the increasing listings of private accommodation have dominated prominent travel booking platforms.


As presented in the analytics, it is visible that variety of choices appeared for private accommodation listings although domination of entire apartment listings occurred.


Looking at the hotel listings, more than 80% of it are listed under the hotel types resulting in less options available in the platform.



Comparing the price of both categories, the analysis has shown that the most listed property types, hotel and entire apartment, has lower price median especially for hotel, as the median price is below RM200.



The analytics has also shown that the price distribution is most likely depending on the property type as Villa has dominated the price distribution for both categories.


Further analysis has shown that hotels have dominated the listings inside city center for among all the other types of properties.


However, looking at the private accommodation category, it is visible that an array of choice is visible in terms of properties with strategic locations.