Spurring Domestic Tourism


The post-pandemic era has pushed countries all over the world to elevate the tourism industry.



Government entities particularly those related to the Tourism Ministry are widely known to be responsible for amplifying domestic or international travels.



Looking at the social network analysis from prominent government accounts in charge of tourism, @TourismMalaysia and @sabahtourism gained the most traction.



As shown, @TourismMalaysia and @TourismSelangor focuses on posting pictures of tourist spots while @sabahtourism and @PerakTourism highlighted more on government programmes.





Meanwhile, there are also users who have tagged these accounts although the engagement is relatively low.



These accounts are mostly promoting on officiating events such as the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2023 Roadshow or the event at Kuching Park Hotel.





In terms of the engagement of the cluster leaders, @sabahtourism and @TourismSelangor are the most vocal, while @TourismMalaysia has the most followers.





The wordcloud of keywords obtained from the tweets also shows that Selangor is highly prominent although states such as Sarawak, Sabah, and Perak were also visible.





On a side note, distribution of tweets of the selected accounts are mostly active during 8 AM to 12 PM.