Infatuation with Tranquil-Holidays


Nature retreats have now become the new travel trend as more people have joined the camping bandwagon.



The social network analysis of popular accounts promoting affordable tourism spots in Malaysia, the cluster leaders are mostly tweeting about camping spots nearby waterfalls.





However, the social media network also showed that the account that gained the most traction was @staycationig which promoted an affordable stay in Genting Highlands.



Hence, this signals that Genting Highlands and spots nearby nature are preferred by the lower and middle income.




When comparing the cluster leaders from the network, @staycationig is the most active travel account among the rest with over 3,000 tweets in the past week.



Meanwhile, @lokalisstay has more followers online followed by @lokalisstay and @jomtravel_.





Looking at the keywords mostly used in the tweets from these accounts, “resort” and “hotel” are often used to promote affordable stays.



On top of that, Melaka, KL, Langkawi and Penang can also be seen among the wordcloud signifying strong demand for tourism in these states.





Generally, these travel users are most active on weekdays either during lunchtime or at night from 8 PM to 10 PM.