Government Under Fire For Having ‘No Plan in Banning Child Marriage’


The Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Rina Harun has come under fire in the social media when she announced that the government has no plan in banning child marriage.


This has created a heated discussion in the social media sphere, in which many of the netizens has questioned Rina Harun and the government’s credibility.



Among the clusters’ leader, CikguRahayu has sarcastically claimed that Malaysians do not love children as the country allows child marriage. The account also stated few more points such as children do not have the rights to citizenship although their mothers are from Malaysia and that not every child raised and born in Malaysia is entitled to attend school.


Another cluster leader, FirdausAzli has firmly tweeted to stop underage marriage, no matter the reasons, even if its sounds reasonable.



This issue has certainly reached the Opposition as hannahyeoh has quoted the tweet posted by NewsBFM, urging the government to just follow the plan the previous government has outlined to ban child marriage.


Meanwhile, other tweets have expressed how greatly disappointed they are towards the government for having no plan in banning child marriage.


One of them, renchung has also revealed a survey that was done in 2021, saying that 70 percent of Malaysians oppose child marriage and urge the government to take the majority opinion in doing the right thing.