Automatic Transmission favored by owners

As the cars production are mostly automatic transmission centric, similar projection is visible in terms of listed cars in a prominent car-listing platform as it dominates the analytics.

Apart from that, the data has also highlighted that the highest number of listed cars is in Sedan as it is dubbed as the family-friendly car.

Moving to the market share of used car by brands, common notable brands such as Toyota, Honda, Perodua and Proton has dominated the analytics.



However, further analysis has portrayed that while the common notable brands dominate the market share, a significant difference is recorded in terms of price range mostly due to it being local and international brand.


As presented in the analytics, price range for Proton and Perodua are mostly in the less that RM25,000 category whereby for Toyota and Honda circulates around RM25,000 – RM50,000.



Thus, it explains the domination of the four brands as recent survey conducted by prominent car-listing platform has shown that majority consumers are mostly willing to buy used car within the said price range.



Similar with previous data, the automatic transmission has become the most favorable car type on the platform as it is also in line with the consumers behavior.