Skeptical Sentiment on Housing Affordability

Affordable housing has always been debated in the social media sphere and has heightened recently after the announcement of ‘One Family One Home’.


It was announced by the Minister of Housing and Local Government, Reezal Meerican where he also added that the target coincided with the ministry’s mission.


However, different reactions were portrayed in social media as many are skeptical about the government’s mission.


Instead, majority of the cluster leaders are criticizing about the rising house price, which has also been associated with the minimum wage.


The leading account with the biggest cluster is @Agent_Twig by stating a fact that according to the World Bank, a house is considered affordable when it is 3 times the pay of your annual salary.


Furthermore, the tweet from @EppyFizul stated his opinion in 2022, it is still hard for people in Johor to buy a house as housing projects are still focusing on the rich groups.



There are also some accounts that appeared in the network that are seen giving advice to people in buying a house.

@mhilmihamka warned people to not buy a house as an investment as it can create problems in the future such as fake house demands and an increasing house price market.


Interestingly, despite the issue has raised public concerns, no representative from the Opposition has appeared in the social network analysis.