PAS MP suspended from Parliament for calling Guan Eng “pondan”

Pengkalan Chepa MP Ahmad Marzuk Shaary (PAS) was suspended from Dewan Rakyat for two days after using the word “pondan” (transvestite or sissy) on Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.


The word came out during the debate on Supplementary Supply Bill (2018) 2019, when Ahmad Marzuk raised the issue on open tenders and claimed that it was a scheme to jeopardize the future of Bumiputera contractors.


After Lim denied the accusations, Ahmad Marzuk then claimed that he had evidence to prove his statement.


But before the Pengkalan Chepa MP could proceed to show his evidence, Lim demanded for the evidence to be shown outside of Parliament.


A displeased Ahmad Marzuk, backed by his party colleagues, started a shouting match with Lim, ending up with him saying: “I’m anak jantan (masculine) and not a pondan like the Bagan MP (Lim)”.


Deputy Speaker Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon that demanded Ahmad Marzuk retract his statement following the urge from Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil, to which Ahmad Marzuk refused. He was subsequently suspended from the Dewan Rakyat.


The rest of PAS MPs walked out of the Lower House alongside the Pengkalan Chepa MP.


However, the drama did not end there when Human Resource Deputy Minister Datuk Mahfuz Omar used BN’s new-found friendship with PAS to tease BN MPs who remained in the Lower House.


The Opposition then stood up and staged a walkout. Before they left, Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman gave the last comeback: “Selamat bersidang pondan-pondan.”


The Supplementary Supply Bill (2018) 2019 was passed by the Dewan Rakyat on April 4.