Covaxin’s acceptance strengthen KJ’s narration

As Malaysia accepts the travellers who injected with India-made Covaxin, it has boosted Khairy Jamaludin’s position as the top influencers for the Ministry of Health (MOH).



The analytics has shown that on the previous time frame, the Health Director-General, Noor Hisham Abdullah has controlled the narration with a stark gap in terms of statements given.


Interestingly, in the recent timeline, Khairy has managed to surpass Noor Hisham and appeared as the most prominent but also with a stark gap of statements given.


However, looking at the media focus of MOH, it is visible that Noor Hisham is more prominent compared to Khairy although both of them appeared in the data.



Apart from the Covaxin announcement, it is also visible that the media focus has also shined upon Khairy’s narration about the nation’s success in combatting the Covid-19.



Amidst the talk about the upcoming Melaka State Election, it is visible that Khairy’s narration about maintaining the SOPs has garnered media attention, especially prominent English.


Nonetheless, while the nation’s is embracing the endemic approach in managing Covid-19, it is reflected in the government’s initiatives as the practice of living with Covid-19 heightened.