The Hopes for 12MP

The netizen expressing optimism toward the tabling of the 12th Malaysian Plan (12MP) by Prime Minister Ismail Sabri, twitter data shows.


Based on the social network analysis on 12MP, among the ten clusters, the tweet posted by @MarchFoward that are hopeful for the 12 MP has been receiving the most attention and forming the biggest cluster among all other clusters.



The tweet posted by @MarchFoward was before the tabling of 12MP, which the account expressed his hopes that the 12MP would be well planned as it would be important in order for the country to comeback stronger.


However, in the social network analysis, a sarcastic tweet posted by the account of opposition member, @WongChenPKR was amongst the top 10 biggest cluster as well. The account is picking on Prime Minister’s speech on 12MP, which he had mistakenly call the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ as the ‘4th One R’, in which the opposition corrected him later.



Meanwhile, most of the other clusters mainly came from the media’s twitter accounts, which have been covering news on the details of the 12MP.


Although there are a few oppositions account emerged in the social network analysis, the tweet they posted was not a direct attack on the 12MP. Moreover, the 12MP was seen to have a less traction on the public as most of them came from the medias’ account.