Discontent of Contract Doctors

The media focus shift to contract doctors as doctors claims of being underpaid and little job security goes public.


As such, issues regarding the contract doctors appeared in the top issue clusters of Ministry of Health (MOH) after several doctors from both public and private hospitals plan to go on a strike.


The media has reported over 15,000 contract doctors planned to walkout for the protest on the 28th of July under a social media campaign called #HartalDoktorKontrak.



Looking at the trending phrases within the MOH topic, phrases such as Malaysia Medical Association (MMA), contract doctors and medical officers can be seen used by the media.


MMA on the other hand, rejected the strike as they believed it is irresponsible for them to simply walk out of their jobs instead has suggested Code Black as a sign of solidarity for the contract doctors on social media.



News title sentiments from the media are mainly neutral mid to late June, however, for the past 3 days, negative sentiment has started to rise possibly due to the news regarding contract doctors.