Hinting the Public’s Growing Distress

As the government announced the PEMULIH Stimulus Package, the third for the year with an allocation of RM150 billion on 28th June, it has gained mixed traction from the public.


However, despite of the mixed reactions, looking at the news sentiments, it is mainly filled with positive sentiment for the first three days, with negative overtaken neutral right on the second day.



While the sentiment is highly positive, the same reflection is also seen in the Twitter sentiment for the topic, with positive dominating the chart on the 28th June.


By looking at a day after, the positive sentiment dropped significantly, inching the gap with the negative sentiment, while the neutral placed the bottom.



Apart from that, the trending hashtags for PEMULIH also included a support movement by the public called #benderaputih, which aims to support the public in needs.


Not only the public movement, in the trending hashtags, the #kerajaangagal which was used previously to criticize the government also appeared in the PEMULIH’s trending hashtags although it was not as prominent.



Other than that, it is also shown in the Twitter exposure as it has reached the highest exposure on the day it was being announced which quickly diminishing right on the day after.



Nonetheless, with the extension of the Movement Control Order and the said mistargeted assistance of PEMULIH, it is most likely to put more pressure on the government due to the current pressing condition.