White Flag: Reclining traction

As a social media movement was initiated in a rebelling sign against the government, the White Flag campaign started of strong by looking at its news and Twitter exposure.



It is also visible that as time progresses, the exposure of the campaign is slowly decreasing despite the aid support is still going strong.


Apart from that, as the movement is a sign of opposing act by the public, it is reflected in the top issue of the White Flag Campaign’s topic.



Appearing in one of the portions of the top issues cluster, the ‘kerajaan gagal’ appeared to be associated widely with the White Flag Campaign, as it was highlighted in the media.


However, looking at the news sentiment, the outlook is quite similar with the top issues as the sentiment is dominated by the negative while neutral remain at the bottom.



However, despite of the domination, it is also visible that the positive sentiment is inching the gaps closely especially on the 7th of July.