GE-14: Social media exposure on May 9

PRU-14 was hype years before when former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he will be going against Barisan Nasional by forming his own party known as PPBM. Additionally, Pakatan Rakyat was disbanded after PAS leave the coalition. Consequently, Amanah was formed. Ex-UMNO Shafie Apdal also established his own party known as Warisan, which only active in Sabah. Plus, the 1MDB issue made the public to lose their confident towards Barisan Nasional.


On May 9, 82.32% of the registered voters turned out to vote for the general election. But what about the social media world? How active are the netizens on the hyped PRU-14 during the voting day?