2019 Indonesian general election

April 17, 2019 is the day Indonesians are marching to 800,000 polling stations to vote for their next president and members of Parliament.


Amongst the contested 711 seats in Indonesia’s two-house People’s Consultative Assembly, or Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat (MPR), 575 are seats in the People’s Representative Council (DPR), and the other 136 are in the Regional Representative Council (DPD).


Additionally, more than 19,500 seats in over 2,000 regional, municipal and regency legislative council electoral districts are open for election.


Above all, two political rivals are fighting for the presidency, incumbent Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Prabowo Subianto, and their running mate for vice-president Dr Ma’ruf Amin and Sandiaga Uno respectively. The infographic by Al Jazeera below detailed out the background and information of the candidates.


Malaysia Indicator, Indonesia, general election, Jokowi, Prabowo


In a vision to turn Indonesia into an elite global economic power, 192.8 million eligible voters are voting across 17,000 islands from 7am local time in restive Papua to 1pm in Sumatra.


Malaysia Indicator, Indonesia, general election, Jokowi, Prabowo


It is said to be a tight match between Jokowi and Prabowo. Based on the result by Indonesia’s General Elections Commission, Jokowi won 23 out of 33 provinces in the 2014 election. On the other hand, West Java and West Sumatra were more inclined to vote for Prabowo in past elections.


This year, however, millennials and middle-class voters are predicted to be the kingmaker.


For the vice-president post, Sandiaga is the preferred candidate. On the other hand, a prediction analysis was conducted by two researchers using sentiments and hashtags on Twitter. In the results, Jokowi is leading in the polls.