Interstate travel within RMCO states allowed

Government announced that interstate travel within states that are under the recovery movement control order (RMCO) is allowed effective March 10.


After the announcement was made, there are ten clusters that appeared in the social network analysis.



Previously, @faliqfahmie tweeted and expressed his anger towards Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who performed umrah while the citizens are not allowed to cross state borders.


Although the tweet was posted before the announcement, the cluster led by him still appeared in the network analysis due to his huge number of followers.


After the government allowed the interstate travel, @emmnh created a cluster with a tweet which ridiculed the government’s decision to allow interstate travel with conditions.


Some of the conditions set was to use tourism agencies and tour vehicles registered under Ministry Of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC).


This means that private vehicles will not be allowed to travel within RMCO states.


@emmnh expressed his frustrations as travelling using tour agencies and tour vehicles will allow people to meet strangers which will be more risky as compared to people travelling with their family and friends using their own vehicles.




Nonetheless, the other clusters in the network described the situation in a neutral manner about the issue.