It’s business as usual for @AzminAli

Minister of Economic Affairs Azmin Ali made headlines after he was alleged to be involved in several sex scandal videos. In return, the minister denied that it was him in those videos.


Azmin’s official Twitter account remained active in posting Tweets after the allegation. In fact, he tweeted more tweets after the circulation of the sex videos.



However, he did not address the videos much. His top tweets were about the economy, Raya open house, Lee Chong Wei’s retirement and etc.



On the other hand, he received a high number of tweets and mentions regarding Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz.



On June 12, Haziq made a declaration video stating that he was one of the men in the video and his partner was Azmin Ali. He claimed that the homosexual activity happened in a hotel room in Sandakan, during the Sandakan by-election. Haziq is a private secretary to Deputy Minister of Primary Industries Shamsul Iskandar.



According to the Twitter trend of @AzminAli, the account has the second highest retweets and mentions in June, with a total of more than 18,000 feedback.



On the contrary, @AzminAli produced lesser tweets compared to the months before. The data however was captured on the 18th, hence there are 12 more days to reach the end of the month. Based on the trend, it is not difficult for Azmin to produce more tweets in June compared to May.


Overall, it’s business as usual for the Economic Affairs Minister. He continued tweeting on other matters after the widespread of the alleged videos. It was a good move by him, moving forward from the alleged scandal. But, has the public moved on from the issue?