KPDNHEP is prominent in Media currently, analysis shows.

The price hike issue in Malaysia has pushed KPDNHEP into the centre of discussion currently.


The line chart below illustrates that the total news regarding KPDNHEP in media. The exposure of the ministry is higher when comparing to other media of relative budget and size.



KPDNHEP had launched Ops Pasar (Sayur 2) to monitor vegetable price hikes on Nov 28th.


The list below shows that monitoring vegetable price had became one of the media focuses regarding KPDNHEP during Nov 28th – Nov 30th.



As the Minister of KPDNHEP, Alexander Nanta Linggi was leading the narration regarding his ministry issue for both selected periods.


The former Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng also existed in the KPDNHEP topic influencer list during Nov 28 – Nov 30 period.


His appearance as one of the top influencer was driven by his comments in the Parliament regarding KPDNHEP and he also challenged Alexander to resign from his position if the price hike problems persist.