Ku Li, the Interim Prime Minister Candidate

As speculation of Muhyiddin Yassin’s government is tumbling down, UMNO Supreme Council Member, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has offered himself as the interim prime minister.


The speculation is said to be stemmed from UMNO’s action of withdrawing support for the Perikatan Nasional on the 8th of July.



Looking at the top issues for Kerajaan Gagal, it is also visible that Ku Li’s proposition is highly prominent as it appeared at the top of the list.


Apart from that, Ku Li also appeared in the influencers’ list of Kerajaan Gagal’s topic, alongside his party’s president, Zahid Hamidi.



Despite the political turmoil, only Zahid and Ku Li are visible from UMNO whereby the list is mostly dominated by political experts with a notable presence from the Opposition.


Ku Li’s self-nomination for the prime minister post has also been able to shine the media lights back upon him, which is reflected in his news exposure.



The same outlook is also visible in the trending people for Kerajaan Gagal on 1-8 July when Ku Li appeared the third most prominent individual in the cluster.



Nonetheless, as the UMNO Supreme Council members seem to not be on the same page, it is most likely that the political turmoil will continue amidst the surge in Covid-19 cases.