Malaysia oil price history and subsidies

Back in December 2014, then Barisan Nasional government have cut off fuel subsidies for all fuels. The move was heavily criticized by the Pakatan, particularly PKR Rafizi Ramli.


Prior to PRU-14, Pakatan Harapan stated that they will re-introduce fuel subsidies for targeted groups under Harapan 100 days promise. In the Harapan manifesto, it stated that those with motorcycles with engines below 125cc and cars under 1,300cc as eligible for subsidies.


Now, Pakatan Harapan have become the federal government. This means they need to fulfil their 100 days promise. Nevertheless, we shall not rush them since it is the first time that they become the government.


In the meantime, let us take a look at the history of oil price history and subsidies.