Maybank’s Services Disruption Gain Tractions




Maybank received tremendous news exposure on the 25th due to the technical difficulties on selected banking services caused by unprecedented high traffic volumes across the platform.



Users of the country’s leading bank may not be able to use their debit cards, banking app and other transaction services such as Maybank2u website and application as well as the MAE application due to the disruption.



The representative of the bank claimed in a statement to be currently working on resolving the uncalled predicament and reminded users to remain calm as the account balances are being kept secured.





The on-going repercussion has caused the users of Maybank to share their experience facing the said turmoil on Twitter, which led the topic to being one of the most discussed issues in the platform on 25th April.



In the frame of trending phrases above, it is seen that the most used words on the Maybank topic in Twitter are in relation to the problems of its banking services.





The reaction on Twitter regarding Maybank was filled with users of Maybank sharing their experience in dealing with the occurrence and expressing their surprise that their bank account seemed to have no cash.



Though reassured by Maybank that the cash is safe and the services are being restored, the bank did not disclose any expected recovery time for the disruption.



However, the representative is said to continue to update their customers periodically via Maybank’s official social media and M2U platforms.





The media had 4.65% of its attention on the unprecedented high traffic volumes in Maybank in regards to the disturbance faced by Maybank users recently.



It is notable that previously within the same week, Maybank users experienced a similar problem, facing intermittent slowness in its banking services.



The bank had also expressed their remorse by apologizing for any difficulty caused by this outage and sharing their appreciation to any impacted customers for their patience and understanding.