MOF terminated MMC-Gamuda’s MRT2 contract

On October 7, Malaysia Ministry of Finance declared that MMC-Gamuda’s contract to build the underground portion of MRT 2 have been terminated. On the following day, MMC-Gamuda made a media statement claiming that the contract termination will cause 20,000 job losses.



As we can see from the graph above, Twitter users started to talk on MMC-Gamuda on October 7, but the trend only peaked on October 9 after the consortium came out with their official statement on the termination. However, the “MMC-Gamuda” topic popularity on Twitter quickly subside on October 11 yet remains higher than usual. Focusing on the network activities, the network can be split into four separate clusters which each have its own opinion on the contract termination.



Accounts in blue group talked about the 20,000 MMC-Gamuda employees that will be terminate as an aftermath form the MRT2 contract termination. The influential accounts in this group are @adrianlimcheeen, @bumilangi and @bongkerz. They mentioned that those terminated employees can re-apply for job from the new contractor of MRT2. @bongkerz and @bumilangit claimed that the hashtag “#Save20KJobs” was used by MMC-Gamuda as a tool of playing victim.


The green group is talking about MMC-Gamuda’s investors such as KWSP, ASN, ASB and Tabung Haji and losses from the contract termination. The group also discussed on the changes of MRT2 contractor. The influencers in this group are @faizwahab and @The_UglyOrgan.


The orange group is formed by @izzkamilhalda, who is an employee of Gamuda. He tweeted on how Gamuda worked to prevent sinkhole at MTR2 rail due to the geological condition. @izzkamilhalda claimed that Gamuda did a good job and benefit the Malaysians as they have learnt something from the challenge. Thus, he voiced his opinion, stating that the project shall not be transferred to an international contractor.


The pink group consist of media accounts that spread news on the MMC-Gamuda issue. For example, there are @MRTUnderground and @bhrianmy.