Omicron became dominant issue in Media

Omicron take over the whole media After WHO had classified Omicron as Variance of Concern (VOC).


Some countries included Malaysia had closed the borders to some South African countries as Omicron was widely spread there.


The both pie charts below show that Omicron issue was dominating in Covid-19 Tourism and MOH news.



There were some scientists stated that the new Omicron variant could be 500% more infectious than Delta.


The bar chart below shows that the news exposure of Covid-19 Tourism issue increased currently.



The word cloud of keywords regarding MOH topic during Nov 29 to Dec 1 shows that Omicron had became the prominent keyword in Media.


This shows that MOH was trying to increase the awareness of Malaysian about the Omicron.



Last but not least, we, as Malaysian are responsible to stop the Covid-19 spikes in the country.


Please gets the booster dose and follows the SOP all the time to prevent the next Covid-19 surge.