Ong Kian Ming is losing engagement on Twitter

Dr Ong Kian Ming was appointed as the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in July 2018, as part of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s seventh cabinet.


According to media intelligence, there is fluctuation in the number of tweets posted by Ong Kian Ming’s Twitter page in 2019.


The account made the most tweets in September, with 100 tweets. It was also the only month for the account to pass the 100-mark. In contrast, June recorded the least number of tweets posted, with less than 20 tweets made.


Despite that, the account failed to gather high engagement rate in September. It received about 400 retweets and mentions. But Ong’s Twitter account received over 2,000 feedback each month from February to April 2019, when the account was less active in tweeting.


The Twitter account of MITI deputy president received the highest number of retweets & mentions in February with more than 2,500 responses, although it made less than 50 tweets in that month.


Additionally, it is observed that the number of responses on the account hit a slump during the second quarter of the year, falling from 2,165 retweets and mentions in April to 373 feedbacks in May.


Since then, the interaction rate on the Twitter account has become significantly lower compared to the beginning of the year.



Looking at the intensity of Ong Kian Ming’s Twitter account for the past quarter, the preferred time to tweet was between 3pm to 6pm.


Consequently, the feedback that the account received was also higher during the timeframe when the account was most active in tweeting.


It is noticeable that Ong Kian Ming continues to receive high number of responses after 6pm despite the lesser number of tweets.


Perhaps uploading tweets after working hours could help to improve Ong Kian Ming’s traction on Twitter.