PKR in hot water over sexual harassment allegation

Recently, PKR was embroiled in controversy as one of its members was accused of sexual harassment.


Malaysia, PKR, Kesavan Subramaniam, Sungai Siput, sexual harassment


On May 16, a woman filed a police report against a PKR lawmaker in Perak, accusing the first-term MP of sexual harassment. The woman, who was identified as a former party division treasurer claimed to have been shown ‘Kamasutra’ book and pornographic images by the PKR man.


But it was reported that the PKR lawmaker had made a police report against the woman on an earlier date (May 4). In his police report, he claimed to be mentally tortured and suffers from trauma as the woman has been continuously calling him.


However, the name of the PKR lawmaker was not revealed by the media until May 18, and it is Kesavan Subramaniam (Sungai Siput MP).


Malaysia, PKR, Kesavan Subramaniam, Sungai Siput, sexual harassment


On the same day his name was revealed to the public, Kesavan came forth, denying allegations of him harassing the woman. Instead, he claimed that he was the victim. Kesavan also announced that he was ready to face slander.


According to the Sungai Siput MP, the woman started out as a good friend, but slowly turned out to be an obsessive person; calling him multiple times a day. In addition, the PKR lawmaker said the woman threatened to expose a recording with the aim of humiliating him.


In response to this, PKR Central Leadership Council (MPP) declared that the party would not hesitate to take disciplinary action against Kesavan if the allegations turn out to be true.