Politicized EPF, analysis shows.

UMNO politicians had been dominating EPF narration recently, driven by politicized portal.


Earlier, UMNO Supreme Council member urged the finance minister to allow people to withdraw RM10, 000 from EPF once again.


However, the finance minister, Tengku Zafrul remained the top influencer for EPF issues. Tengku Zafrul stated that it will be a problem for next generation if government allowed the people to withdraw from EPF.


Meanwhile, other than Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri, other members of UMNO Supreme Council were also dominating the narration of EPF.



The exposure chart below illustrates that the EPF gained a lot of media attention, and its exposure was very high during the end of December.


Besides that, the media share chart indicates that politicized media, Mykmu was dominating the media share regarding EPF.



Looking into the charts of sentiment below, both show that the news titles regarding the EPF issue were dominated by negative sentiments.


It might be due to many politicians were relating the issue with financial problems that faced by the people due to the flood and pandemic.



Last but not least, many economists claimed that the current economy situation in Malaysia is not the toughest, therefore, many expertise advised people to be  physically and mentally prepared for the worse situation soon.