Eye on NADMA after historical flood in Selangor

The National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) became the center of attending after the company face one of it worse historical flood in decades.


The chart shows that NADMA exposures spike in the media after the flood happened.


National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) is an agency that responsible to manage the action before and after the flood.



Looking into the influencers list of NADMA, its director general, Aminuddin Hassim was leading the narration.


Based on his statements, Aminuddin Hassim clarify that NADMA did not delay on any action to rescue the flood victims as they already had a special meeting with Prime Minister on last September.


He also stated that every agency knew their mission and scope of jobs if flood happened.



Besides that, both charts below show that the news titles regarding NADMA was dominated by negative sentiments.


This shows that media were using many negative words when they framed the news titles for this topic.