Prime Minister’s Nomination Gains Mixed Reactions


UMNO’s announcement on naming Ismail Sabri as the party’s prime minister candidate for GE15 has gained wide attention.


This has sparked debate and political tensions among other parties as UMNO has begun their move for the upcoming general election.


In the social media sphere, the announcement made by UMNO has received mixed reaction from the netizens, based on the social network analysis.



The leader of one of the biggest clusters formed in the network, AminRahman_z has tweeted to not vote for UMNO or Barisan Nasional in the upcoming general election if they wanted justice for Bella and the truth of Rumah Bonda.


Meanwhile, RameshRaoAKS that is known to be a Barisan Nasional and UMNO supporter in Twitter, has called to support Ismail Sabri in facing the next GE. However, an account, Zul9044783 replied the tweet, saying that Ismail Sabri needs to become UMNO President for him to gain the confident of others in UMNO.



Besides that, CelineYeoh8888 doubted that Ismail Sabri would be the prime minister if UMNO wins in the next GE, as the account referred to the previous PRN Johor, in which Hasni Mohammad has been replaced for the Menteri Besar Johor position although he was named as the party’s Menteri Besar candidate.


Meanwhile, there are a few accounts that expressed their personal opinions on some political party for the upcoming GE.