“Sabah state government remains united” – Wilfred Tangau

There was also a rumour that there might be a change in Sabah state government. Warisan is an ally to PH instead of being one of its component parties.


But, its president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal is known as a strong supporter to Tun Mahathir, filed a motion of confidence towards the former premier.



Regardless, Shafie was not seen as one of the top influencers of Warisan during the recent times.


The narration of the party was dominated by Anwar and Mahathir due to the upcoming no-confidence motion, which was later announced to be postponed.



Shafie was seen to be the most active opposition state leader to address on the CMCO. He was busy in coming out with policies for Sabah amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


His media exposure was seen to decline as Kedah state government collapsed. Yet, he was seen fighting for his state on May 14, insisting on the 20% oil royalty for Sabah.



Undoubtedly, Shafie is still tangled with the current political situation in the country.


Then, UPKO president Datuk Seri Wilfred Tangau, who is also the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah, announced that the state government remains united.


With Warisan alone, the party already has the simple majority, 33 out of the 65 state seats.


Meanwhile, DAP and PKR are representing the districts with higher Chinese population, it would not be a good political move for them to do so, as they might be potentially voted out in the next state election.


Meanwhile, the opposition consist of PPBM and UMNO. The politics in Sabah is different compared to the Peninsular, they would prefer regional-based parties as they seems to be the better option in protecting Sabah rights, hence the major swing to Warisan in GE-14.