Social media responds to MCA and MIC’s decision

After a much heated argument about whether or not MCA and MIC would leave Barisan Nasional (BN), both parties have come to a conclusion to not dissolve.


This may not have come as a surprise for most people, as they expected from the start that MCA and MIC would not leave BN despite the claims made by both parties.



The word “shameless” was repeatedly used, among others.


Quoting a piece by The Sun Daily, political analyst Thock Kiah Wah says that MCA sees hope in BN, especially after the success in the recent by-elections.


MCA believes that BN will be able to make a comeback in GE-15.


Before the decision to stay was made, Aliran’s P Ramakrishnan wrote in his article, stating that MCA and MIC should leave BN if they have any dignity.


Today, MCA and MIC remain in BN. If MCA and MIC were to leave the coalition, what other options do they have to remain relevant in Malaysia political scene?