Spotlights on Pahang for Private Accommodation Listings




In regard to being one of the largest regions in Peninsular besides having various attractions, Pahang is seen to be the hotspot for holiday vacation, considering that it has the most number of listings for private accommodations as compared to other states.



Formerly known, Pahang has been designated as the new tourist theme as part of the strategy to revitalize the industry, which intends to attract eight million visitors this year amidst entering the endemic phase.





The wordcloud of popular landmarks under private accommodation in a popular booking website shows that the landmarks in Pahang have been among the frequently stated as Cameron Lavender, Bukit Gambang Waterpark Resort and Bukit Pelindung Recreational Forest were seen to be prominent.



As Pahang has recorded a decline of a million visitors largely due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the government has implemented various measures to boost the travelers’ confidence in choosing Pahang as their holiday destination.





Looking at the analysis, Pahang manages to hold the highest number of total given ratings while having affordable average pricing. Meanwhile, Melaka was visible to be among the states that have the lowest total given ratings but have the highest average price.



Besides having an abundant amount of tourist attractions within the state, keeping an average price for listings while garnering high given ratings is one way to capture traction among local as well as external travelers.





When comparing the price of the private accommodation types within the affordable price classification, it was found that the entire apartment dominated the analysis.



Furthermore, Pahang accounted for the majority of the low-cost private accommodation listings, followed by Johor and Sabah. This may happen due to the newly appointed tourism theme upon Pahang following the government’s effort to rebound and improve the sector.



After being placed on hold for over two years, this has given local participants in the tourist sector in Pahang a fresh window of opportunity as locals are starting to see the light in domestic travels again.