Entire Apartment Dominance in Private Accommodation


As accommodation has always been one of the main components of inbound tourism expenditure, private accommodation has dominated the listings in vacation rentals as compared to hotel, following its high demand in the market.



Based on the analytics, private accommodation covered more than half of the listings in a prominent booking website compared to hotel, with 65.13 percent.





Private accommodation has been the selected choice for travelers during their staycation, as it guarantees a proper personal space that can act homely besides providing comfortability to the occupants.





The analytics show that the leading property under private accommodation listings goes to the entire apartment, which is then followed by entire house and homestay.



In term of price, the entire apartment has a relatively reasonable price range, given the comfortability and private space the accommodation provides, which explained the high number of listings of the property type in the booking platform.





The key to a pleasant staycation is the desire for convenience. Despite the fact that it is not one of the property types with a low-cost price range, the entire apartment includes amenities that the others do not specifically offer.





The local’s interest towards the entire apartment as compared to the other private accommodations during their staycation is likely to be contributed by the list of facilities they provide, which is considered as plus points to the occupants such as Wi-Fi, kitchen ware and swimming pool.